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The Reynolds hurley is a new synthetic hurley, made from a unique blend of materials that replicates the best properties of ash, while improving strength and durability - enhancing performance.

The hurleys reflect the important traits of ash, providing you with that familiar look and feel, however they are engineered to be more durable, saving you money.

Everybody has their favourite hurley, but as each ash plank is different and the manufacturing process is slightly different each time, it is difficult to get two identical hurleys, especially if you don't live near a hurley maker. As you seek to improve your game, having a high quality hurley of a consistent size, weight, shape, balance and flex that you have become familiar with will help you make those incremental improvements that are so important in the game.

The hurleys are also ideally suited for schools or development/training camps where individuals won't always get the same hurley each time.

In our extensive field trials top players have found that the striking is as good as the best Ash with an excellent sweet spot.

Robust tests indicate that our product consistently provides greater distance of strike when compared to ash.

There are many benefits to a synthetic hurley, most of which come from the consistency and repeatability afforded by the manufacturing process. The materials and process impart certain characteristics: older style synthetic sticks were great for indoors play, but suffered from vibrations travelling down the handle; a rigid synthetic stick may let you hit the ball farther, but the lack of flex means the ball isn't as easy to trap.

The Reynolds hurleys have the manufacturing benefits of a synthetic hurley but feel and perform like an ash stick so you won't have to adapt to hurley.

Most people think that the ball will just slide of a plastic hurley in the wet. The sticks from Reynolds perform well in the wet because they have been made with a unique composite material that allows some flex in the hurley and the surface is sanded to provide more grip.

The Inter-County Players who have trialed it, believe it is very similar to Ash in the wet.

The materials used in making the Reynolds hurley are designed to perform in all sorts of weather conditions. Unlike ash sticks, they won't dry out - so you can use them equally happily in dry arid conditions or cold and wet environments. You can store them in equipment store, the boot of your car, under the stairs, in the garage or out on the lawn - it doesn't matter, the hurleys will still perform the same each and every time.

There is no outer surface to flake or paint to chip. As the hurleys are made from one solid material, coloured sticks maintain their colour the whole way through. If you want you can sand the hurleys to give your preferred surface. You can even trim a bit off the handle to get your perfect stick.

The stick can be sanded and banded, however we would point out that prolonged or excessive sanding, in certain areas, could of course weaken the stick.

Although they have been designed to be durable, the hurleys must be breakable. Following consultation with the GAA, the hurleys have been tested and break as required.

Importantly, if a Reynolds hurley does break, it will break safely with no sharp shards or dangerous splintering.

The Reynolds hurley can wear from playing on harsh surfaces such as concrete, tarmac and gravel, though much less than any other stick available.

Normal wear and tear can be expected through use.

Continued use on hard surfaces can lead to a scuffing.

With a synthetic hurley, you may think that it would be made in China or India, however it is important to us that the hurleys are made in Ireland - Déanta in Eirinn.

Having the hurleys made in Ireland does increase our costs, but it gives us complete control over the process, guarantees continuity of supply and helps promote jobs in Ireland.

If you want to buy a Reynolds hurley we will happily ship one to you. We hold all of the sizes in stock, so we can send one out as quickly as you need it.

If you are in Ireland or the UK, the shipping will be straightforward, quick and cheap.

If you want one delivered further afield then it will take a bit longer to deliver and will cost a bit more. Bundling a number of orders together can help reduce shipping costs, so get together with your friends and teammates and we will deliver to you as cheaply as possible.

We know that the best way to decide if you like a hurley is to pick it up and play with it.

Buy from our website.

The hurleys are also sold in a number of sports stores where you can walk in and try one. For the full list of stores, see here.

If your favourite store is not listed here, then please let them know that you want to buy a Reynolds hurley and have them contact sales@reynoldshurling.ie to see how we make that happen.

We are also offering a 50% discount on one hurley to any club or school hurling/camogie development officer or secretary, so that they can introduce the hurleys as cheaply as possible.

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